POLE STRENGTH CONDITIONING: Climbing is NOT the only way to gain strength for pole dancing, nor should it be. Do you agree?

I had a back injury from pole last year and had an Ah-Ha moment when my back specialist told me I had to strength train OUTSIDE of pole in order to get stronger (insert confused look here) and that ALL professional athletes, like a gymnast or football player, do not ONLY do gymnastics or play football to stay at the top of their game or to prevent injury (insert V8 head slap moment here).

Does climbing make you stronger? Of course! Would you rely on it to be your only source of strength training? Probably not. Something as simple as push ups and pull ups help tremendously with climbing and upper body strength…and you don’t even need a pole!

Using Polebuff for daily studio pole cleaning, or simply at the start and end of your workout, won’t EVER take away from your workout if you’re training hard while you’re in ANDĀ outside of the studio. Polebuff just helps your studio look great while you’re doing it:)

What types of outside training do you do to help you with pole?

Read this Reddit conversation for some ideas.