About Us

Polebuff is the creation of pole fitness enthusiast, Cherie Devir. Cherie has been pole dancing for fitness for over 6 years and considers it one of the best workouts available to women and men of any age, shape, or size. Throughout her pole fitness journey, she has come to thrive on the friendships and support of her pole “sisters” and believes this type of workout helps anyone find strength and confidence that no other workout can provide.

Cherie is excited to finally share the benefits of Polebuff with pole dance studios and in-home pole dancers alike.

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Making Cleaning Easier

Let’s face it, of all the fun and creative things to be doing in a pole dance studio, cleaning is not one of them.

Also not fun, a) coming in to your workout to be greeted by a dirty dance pole, b) wasting energy by climbing several times during a long workout session ONLY to clean your pole, or c) being an instructor/studio owner and having to climb and clean multiple dance poles, multiple times a day to keep your space clean and sanitary…if you have the time or energy. Polebuff was created to help with all of these factors!

Polebuff is the World’s first Patented dance pole cleaning device that lets you clean your dance poles without ever leaving the ground!  It saves time, energy, and it’s sanitary.

It’s the ONLY way toShine Without the Climb!

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