dirtWe’ve all been there, or at least witnessed it and sat in horrified silence not knowing how to warn the next person. I’m talking about the person at the gym who blissfully ignores the pool of sweat they leave behind when done using a piece of workout equipment. Or better yet, coughs or sneezes into their hands and then touches the equipment only to leave it there for the next person.

Hygiene is all the rage these days, as you can tell by just about any store, mall, or gym you walk into that has hand sanitizer at every turn. Gyms, and yes, pole dance studios, are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria considering what we do with, and what body parts we actually put on the equipment.

With that in mind, how do you feel when you arrive at Pole class to find a grimy dance pole? At first glance it may not appear that way, but next time you are greeted by that shiny dance pole at eye level, look up.  Pretty often, from about 6 ft up you may notice a blurry mess left behind by someone who may have been too tired or sore to climb that one last time to clean it. Or, an instructor that didn’t have enough time or energy between classes to clean 8-10 dance poles…alone. What’s left behind, aside from hand prints, grip aids, bacteria, is truth be told…sweat residue from the nether regions.  Yep, I went there. Polebuff allows you to clean your dance pole before your workout without climbing over all THAT in order to do so.

Although not Pole Studio specific, this article from USA Today, Dec 2014, has some great statistics and advice for fending off germs at any workout facility.  USA Today – Gym Equipment A Breeding Ground for Germs

Use Polebuff to clean your dance poles and spread pole love, not pole germs.