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Fawnia Mondey

World's First Pole Fitness Instructor, Competition Judge, Studio Owner, Pole Fitness Studio, CA

Facebook Star Rating: 5
Polebuff is Awesoooome! Unless you have human buff to literally lift you up, Get A Polebuff! You conserve so much energy that you can use on executing combos. It is so easy to use and the pole gets super clean with little to no effort! Highly recommend. Save time and energy with Polebuff!
Ashley Fox

Co-Founder/Premiere Pole Instructor/Competitor , Foxy Fitness and Pole NY, NY

“I’m a co-owner of Rising Goddess Fitness and we love our Polebuff! It’s such a fast and efficient way to clean the poles and saves energy. Highly recommend it!!”

Michelle Tenuta

Co-Owner, Rising Goddess Fitness, IL

“It was fun to use and worked so well! We always have issues with iTac stuck to our poles but this product really works to get it off without having to use extra energy to get up there! Thank you! 👏”

Danielle Tillie

Professional pole dance instructor, performer, & entertainer. Award-winning pole competitor

“The Polebuff has become my new favorite pole accessory! As a pole athlete I train long and hard, and need every ounce of strength I have for pole combos and tricks. The Polebuff lets me quickly and easily clean our 14′ poles without wasting valuable training time and energy!”


Becca Buck

Pole Champion, VIP Performer & Instructor, Elite Competitor Bella Forza Fitness, OH

“Cherie, We absolutely LOVE our Polebuff! It’s awesome at the end of class when everyone is tired and not looking forward to climbing up one more time now they just grab the Polebuff ! Greatest thing invented since Pole Dance Fitness came out!!! Rondi”
Rondi Stickney

Owner, Rondi's S.E.L.F. Fitness & PolElevation Dance Studio Oswego Il

We have been using Polebuff at our studio for about a month now and love it! While I expected it to be useful, I really did not expect it to be as efficient as it is. The design allows for the device head to really grip the pole closely with the microfiber cloth so that it does a thorough job of cleaning the pole. It saves myself and the students the unnecessary work of climbing the poles multiple times and saving our energy for teaching and learning plus it’s fun to use! I highly recommend Polebuff to every studio and students who have higher home poles that require climbing to clean.

Mary Ellyn Weissman

Owner, Empowerment Through Exotic Dance, Ltd. Organizer, North American Pole Dance Championships and Convention

Today…I received my Polebuff and I have tested it out and I really like this product!

My honest opinion is that this is great for the repeated wiping we do to get light grip and regular sweat and greasy prints off the poles.

Yes, climbing is part of building endurance so this is not to replace students’ discipline but we don’t have to climb that often when learning/teaching pole moves when I’d prefer my student conserve their energy between turns.

I can see many uses for this and I’m glad we got one!

Thank you Polebuff!

Mary Ellyn Weissman

Chicago Heights, IL

A wonderful review from @Pandabeastmode on Polebuff’s YouTube channel:  Polebuff YouTube Review

Christine Grier George (aka, Panda!)

Regional Trainer, Aerial Arts, Yoga and Pole Instructor, Marlborough, MA

Facebook Star Rating: 5
The Polebuff is a fantastic tool. Instructors and students at my studio use it to clean their poles during and after workouts. Inevitably, someone always forget to wipe down their pole but this allows anyone on staff (that poles or doesn’t) to clean the poles so that we have a clean, shiny appearance when new classes walk in. It empowers new climbers to be able to clean their poles. Remember when you first learned to climb and the pole was slippery and your hands were sweaty – you had no chance of even trying to climb. Now, as the instructor, I don’t have to spend my time helping students out by cleaning their pole, but they can do it on their own so I can continue to spot and instruct. I use it in between routine rehearsals as a way to catch my breath and cool off, while getting the pole ready to use again. I have 14 ft poles, and I am able to use this all the way to the top. It fits like a glove on the pole, and a great tool for all studios to have!
Marcy Kerr

Owner, Chrome Fitness, Carmel, IN

Facebook Star Rating: 5
Have you bought yours yet?! I can’t say enough great things about Polebuff. Its genius, easy to use, and easy to care for between uses.After a long day and then long practice, the last thing a poler wants to do is climb to the top and clean the pole. Polebuff does the hard work for you. You can adjust the length, which makes it great for studios, houses, and apartments, since the ceiling height varies between those. Plus, by being able to adjust the length, it makes for easier storage between uses.The covers are machine washable, and I can just toss them into the wash with the other loads I’m doing. So no need to spend extra time washing them by hand or separately!Lastly, it’s made and assembled in the USA!  Again, I can’t say enough good things about Polebuff, and once you buy one, you’ll see for yourself!

Pole Fitness Student, Indianapolis, IN

Facebook Star Rating: 5
Polebuff is awesome it’s very easy to clean your poles especially in areas you can’t reach.

Pole Fitness Student, Carmel, IN

Facebook Star Rating: 5
As a party instructor that has back to back pole classes ranging from 1, 2 or 3 hour parties, the polebuff has become one of my favorite must-use accessories. By the end of that many hours, if my bruises don’t need anymore pressure from climbing five 13, 14, & 15 ft poles, I know I can rely on a pain-free cleaning experience. Thank you!!!!

Zionsville, IN

Facebook Star Rating: 5
The Polebuff pole cleaner is a fantastic product! In so many ways, it is a brilliant tool that effectively cleans dance poles of varying heights, finish and soil level!”
Micah W.

Student, Carmel, IN

Facebook Star Rating: 5
This tool is awesome ! Very useful for cleaning tall studio poles after a hard workout ! Love it !
Susie K.

Student, Carmel, IN