The idea for Polebuff came about as a result of Cherie noticing that the dance poles at the studio where she trained seemed to only be clean from the floor up to a height of about 6 feet – the height a dancer can easily reach without having to climb. Above that height was what previous dancers left behind and what the next student had to climb over to clean (handprints, grip aids, germs, sweat, etc.), Yuk!

Cherie began to realize that at the end of long workouts, when dancers are most sore and fatigued, some might not climb their entire dance pole to clean it top to bottom. She also recognized that the energy wasted in having to climb numerous times during a workout JUST to clean her pole, stole from the effectiveness of her workout. Improving tricks and routines depends greatly on personal stamina and Polebuff allows you to conserve that energy for the actual workout.

Because of all these factors, Cherie saw an opportunity to find a solution that everyone, regardless of climbing ability or skill level, could use and benefit from. Enter Polebuff! Now, you can clean your dance poles without ever leaving the ground, up to 14 ft!

We are proud and excited to share with you the world’s FIRST way to “Shine Without the Climb!

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