Yes, that picture is of me 2 years ago at a VERY public pole appearance…in a nightclub…during a fireman’s convention…half naked.  Definitely not something your typical introvert may decide to participate in. By definition, I am hands down an Introvert.  Not to the extreme where I don’t leave my house mind you, but for instance I enjoy being a home body and having alone time.  I don’t go out of my way to throw parties or insert myself into social activities (but love to go when asked!).  I’d rather hang out with close friends in an intimate atmosphere than in large crowds where I don’t know many. I enjoy listening more than talking. I have a great (twisted) sense of humor but will never be the class clown to draw attention to myself.  I’m not an open book, but if I open up to you it’s because I trust you. If you can relate, you might be an introvert too.  Nice to meet you;)  So how on earth did I end up doing, and loving an activity that by nature seems to be more suited towards extroverts?

This brings me to my (obscure) reference to one of the basic building blocks in pole dancing, the invert.  Invert is defined as the opposite in position, direction, or relationship from where you begin. This is pretty much how I felt when I started pole dancing, like I was in a place that was the exact opposite of where my core personality ever thought to go. It would seem that this type of activity would be the LAST place an introvert would want to be.  I mean, exposing yourself, your body and level of fitness (or lack of) in a room full of women that you may feel are secretly  judging you.  Luckily that is never the case.  In fact it’s the exact opposite.  I’m sensing a pattern here. 

Point being, it’s hard as an introvert to find an activity that breaks you out of your mold, gives you confidence and makes you feel accepted in an environment where it’s actually encouraged for you to be free and express yourself.  Pole dancing is THAT very activity!!  

I will always be an introvert.  You can’t change who you are at the core, nor should you try.  EVER.  Instead, embrace the creative space while in your pole class, be confident and a bit more extroverted than you are in other aspects of your life, even if it’s only for a short period of time each week.  The TV is always waiting at home when you’re done:)

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