Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for the most frequently asked questions about Polebuff. Feel free to contact us if you have other inquiries!

What makes Polebuff better than traditional cleaning methods?

Traditionally, poles are cleaned by carrying a towel to the top of the pole and working your way down. At the beginning of your workout, you’re most likely climbing over sweat, germs, etc. that someone else may have left behind. During your workout, climbing to ONLY clean your pole can sap energy you need for getting the most out of your workout. After your workout your sore and tired.  Studio Owners and Instructors can also be time and energy challenged by having to clean multiple poles several times day…often by themselves. Polebuff is a simple, sanitary solution to help studios with all of these factors.

Is there a certain technique to best use Polebuff?

Polebuff is super easy to use!  Check out our YouTube channel for our fun Getting Started video. and other testimonial videos that will show you Polebuff in action.

Other useful tips to remember…

  1. Apply the tool head to the pole at about waist or shoulder height.  Trying to snap it on or take it off the pole any higher may seem more difficult.
  2. When the Polebuff comes down the pole at waist height or lower, try moving your hands up on the handle towards the pole to move it up and down.  This will give you better control of the tool on the pole.  As clean up higher, you can move your hands back towards the end of the handle.  Just takes a little practice:)


What size dance poles does the Polebuff tool work on?

Polebuff comes in two sizes:

  • The 50mm model is designed for 50mm poles only
  • The 45mm or smaller is designed for 45mm poles

At checkout you will choose the size that best fits your needs.

How do I care for the cloth cover that comes with my Polebuff?

The cloth covers are made of 100% french loop terry. For longest use and durability, and to avoid shrinkage, wash cold and air dry. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.  Order extras in our online store!

Will it help remove iTac?

Polebuff is awesome and will clean great!  If there is extremely excessive amounts of dried up itac present, a little extra elbow grease may be needed.

Doesn't climbing make you stronger? Why would I use this!?

Of course climbing makes you stronger, don’t stop!  Polebuff isn’t meant to replace your workout.  Polebuff was created to help with daily studio pole cleaning that typically needs to occur.  This can be very cumbersome if you have 8+ 14ft poles in your studio and don’t have the time or energy to clean them all at once. Enter, Polebuff:)

Being the amazing poler you are, you know that there are countless conditioning moves, tricks, and workouts that don’t even require a pole that we should be doing in order to be stronger for pole activities. If you’re getting a great workout in and outside of the studio, then using Polebuff to help clean will not hold you back!

How high does the Polebuff reach?

When fully extended, Polebuff measures 91″ (or 7.5 ft). This extends the average persons reach to between 13-14ft. Since every studio has different ceiling and pole heights, it’s not possible to custom fit them all. Up to 13-14ft should cover the most frequently used portions of the pole…if not all of it!

What cleaning solution can I use with my Polebuff?

The Polebuff can be used with any cleaning solution of your choice. The general “go to” is rubbing alcohol.  iTac also sells a cleaning solution if you need something stronger for excessive iTac use.

If I’m sharing my Polebuff in the studio, how do I keep it working best?

For optimal use, we recommend swapping in a new cloth cover frequently, especially when it is saturated or visibly dirty. Saturating the towel with cleaning solution or using a dirty towel may produce some drag or less than optimal cleaning.  To do laundry less, keep plenty on hand.

Can I use any towel with Polebuff?

No, our covers are made specifically for the Polebuff tool. You can order more through our online store to share at your studio or have students purchase their own.

What are the measurements& weight of Polebuff?

Collapsed Length: 52.5″ (4’4″)
Fully extended Length: 91″ (7.5 ft)
Boxed Shipping Measurements: 54″L x 5″W x 5″D
Boxed Weight: 4 lbs
Unboxed Weight: 2 lbs