I can’t help but share this blog from Pole Zone! It hit the nail on the head for me, and I’m sure many others.

Until I started poling in my late 30’s, I didn’t have a “group” of friends that all shared a common interest. Typically, they were friends from different aspects of my life that didn’t really overlap and it was frustrating to have to be different things to different people. With my pole friends, it’s completely different. It’s a safe place to just be ourselves and laugh and support each other along the way. And BOY do we laugh at each other:) I’ve made more life-long friends and bonds with women in the past 5 years than I feel I have my whole life. That says something about the beauty and power of pole and how it is more than just an activity or form of exercise for most of us. It’s a genuine way to connect to other men and women at any point in your life…it’s never too late!

Check out Pole Zone’s blog : Why my pole friends are my best friends.  Can you relate?

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