The Polebuff Advantage

Polebuff is the world’s first patented dance pole cleaning tool that makes studio pole cleaning SUPER EASY!

Save Time! As a Pole Fitness Studio Owner or Instructor, cleaning multiple dance poles on a daily basis can be time and energy consuming. Polebuff makes cleaning all those dance poles quick, easy and pain free so that you can create a sanitary fitness space for your students.

It’s Sanitary! Much like gyms that require you to wipe down and disinfect the equipment you use, pole dance studios also need to incorporate a cleaning ritual that promotes a clean, healthy space. Considering what body parts we actually put on the pole, hygiene should be a top priority. No more climbing over what someone left behind to start your workout.

Save Energy! Perfect to use at the end of your workout when you are sore and fatigued. The next student will love you for it!  Polebuff can also be used intermittently during your workout to help conserve energy for the fun stuff.

Reuse!  Polebuff cloths are washable and reusable.

Made in the U.S.A.

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